Marketing Departments Can Rise To The Challenge

If your firm is like most in the financial service industry you are currently facing some daunting challenges:

  1. Smaller budgets = Less resources, smaller staffs and the demand for greater accountability to every dollar spent
  2. Smaller revenue pie = Attracting new assets and maintaining current assets will be more difficult
  3. Advisor and investor needs have changed = Old ways of marketing just won’t get the job done anymore

Is your marketing department ready for these challenges?  If not, consider giving them a boost with Marketing Fuel™ -- a customized marketing workshop that can help your staff become better marketers in these tough times.  SwanDog has put together a series of marketing workshop modules that are designed to help marketing departments for financial services firms to become more strategic, more efficient and more effective.

  • Managing ROI – There has never been a more critical time in this industry than right now to demonstrate the effects and benefits of marketing spend. We work with your team to design and implement marketing ROI metrics that fit your specific marketing challenges and will help you demonstrate a positive return on marketing investments.
  • Customer Segmentation – The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are over.  We help your team design customized customer segments based on your clients’ needs.  Therefore, your marketing (and sales) efforts to these segments become far more efficient and effective going forward.
  • Maximizing Your Brand in Tough Times – The common reaction is to shelve any “brand-building” marketing efforts in tough times.  But the reality is that the customers’ perceptions of your “brand” are constantly being re-built.  Everyone is feeling the pain – but the brands that do little to stand up will suffer the most carnage in the long run, and rebound the slowest.  We work with your team to help maximize your firm’s brand position to be as relevant as possible to your target audiences.  We aren’t talking about expensive media spend, but rather practical strategic ways to maximize your brand for long-term success.
  • Taking a More Strategic Role – Now is not the time to pull back into a purely defensive, reactive mode in terms of your marketing efforts.  The firms that are best positioned to serve the needs of customers and prospects will be the biggest winners when the markets start to rebound.  We work with your team to help them be more strategic and proactive in their marketing initiatives to be best positioned to maintain assets in these lean times, and maximize growth as the markets turnaround.

These workshops aren’t marketing theory, but practical, hands-on marketing strategy and practice management that can be put to use right away.  And, it is all taught and facilitated by industry practitioners, each with 25+ years of financial services marketing experience. You owe it to your firm and your marketing staff to help them be best positioned for the challenges ahead.  Starting with a customized Marketing Fuel™ workshop may just be the boost you need to get started.

To find out more about the workshop benefits, contact Bill Barsanti at 630-995-3858 or