The RIA Dig, Our Newest Research Study

New Research from SwanDog on Registered Investment Advisors

SwanDog Strategic Marketing has released a major new research study that provides an in-depth exploration of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

Published by SwanDog and Penton’s, “The RIA Dig: What We Uncovered About the Industry’s Most Enigmatic and Alluring Distribution Channel” provides insight to asset managers about the habits, practices and nuances of this specialized market.

“If our research taught us anything, it’s that, when it comes to RIAs, most asset managers haven’t gotten the formula right yet,” said Dave Swanson, head of SwanDog. “The study offers not only the promise of greater understanding of the channel, but also specific actions to increase distribution effectiveness.”

The 187-page study contains 84 exhibits and commentary that asset management firms can use to better understand and target RIAs. For more information, go to or call 630-995-3858.